What's in a name?


What’s in a name?

I’ve been handling my company’s events for several years now, and I’m afraid they’ve started to look a bit stale. I’d like to jazz them up with some creative names for sponsorship levels, sessions, etc., but I don’t know where to start. I want clever but not “cute.”


How do I go about coming up with new names? Should I just handle it myself? Ask for help from everyone at my company? Maybe have a company contest? Or email past attendees for suggestions, with a promised payoff of a nice thank-you gift for the “entry” that wins? What do your readers think?


— Martha, Event Manager

A great deal, it seems


Martha, what you name elements of your events is very important. It gives your whole event a distinct “feel” and stirs up interest in potential attendees. But coming up with the right name(s) can be difficult, especially if you try to do it on your own. For that reason, our readers suggest you tap into the creativity in your own company.


An event manager’s company has been on a recent naming frenzy.

“In our office, we’ve had recent contests to name the conference/meeting rooms — and even our new goldfish. Everyone takes pride in winning a contest, and, more important, they appreciate receiving a prize.”


An anonymous reader provides ideas on how to get your contest rolling.

“You can determine the prize, such as a small gift certificate, but to stir up interest, call a short meeting to announce the contest and what you’re looking for. Stress the importance of coming up with some fun — but professional — names. Within a few days, your problem will be solved!”


Martha, don’t go it alone. If you went out and got a kitten or a puppy, you’d probably ask your friends or family to help you name it. So why not ask your friends and “family” at work to do the same for your “baby” (aka event)? Happy naming!


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