Dealing with the ‘Most stressful’ aspects of organising events

An interactive food menu

With food and beverage (F&B) topping the list, the Event Profs Panel at a round roundtable hosted by QHotels found most event professionals did not ask for feedback on F&B from delegates to seek better ways to improve the process and reduce that stress.

The session, which was held last month at the Cheltenham Chase Hotel, brought together event professionals to discuss what the challenges and opportunities are when it comes to the future of F&B at conferences.

Stephen Bench, divisional director at Redefine|BDL Hotels, said: “Our venues always collect feedback after a conference, but it’s clear that event profs aren’t necessarily aware of this. Venues can certainly be doing more to support event organisers in measuring the success of F&B at events, and ensuring feedback is shared with event profs to help alleviate some of the stress they’re feeling.

“Event organisers would also like venues to provide the expertise when it comes to selecting a food and beverage combination that is going to suit particular delegates, and provide a positive and memorable experience.”

The panel concluded that the following solutions could be put in place to help address F&B challenges:

  • Incorporate a mechanism for F&B feedback into the initial event discussions with the venue, then feedback won’t be missed
  • F&B should be planned as far in advance as possible, so venues can offer their expertise on food and drink choices
  • Make a conscious effort to ask for feedback rather than waiting to receive it
  • Take time to review delegate feedback and integrate any improvements to future events
  • More venues should offer their expertise and offer varying menu choices to help support event organisers in this decision