What Successful Event Planners Know About Event Tech


Event planners who keep up with cutting-edge mobile event technology hold an advantage over those who don’t. Staying up to date on innovative event apps allows you to save time, astound your attendees, delight sponsors, and reach your planning goals.

To help you stay informed and reduce your FOMO, here’s what’s new in the mobile event app space:

Chatbots are the future of communication and engagement. As a meeting planner, you’re always looking for ways to enhance your attendees’ experiences and provide them with valuable information. With chatbots, you can achieve both.

Chatbots allow attendees to ask their mobile event app questions and receive instant feedback, like the way someone would use Alexa or Siri. Answers to questions like, “Where is the general session?” and “What time is dinner?” are at your attendees’ fingertips. And the best part, you don’t have to answer questions personally. MeetingPlay, a premier mobile event app provider, has incorporated chatbots into its app to add value to your event and remove one more responsibility from your busy agenda.

Augmented Reality
Do you need to create buzz around a big announcement at your event? Are you looking for a fun, innovative, and awe-inspiring way to build anticipation? Augmented reality is the hottest new feature in the world of mobile event technology.

Augmented reality allows you to give attendees a glimpse into another world. Using a mobile app, participants seek out augmented-reality targets that are pieces of a story. Each clue adds up to the big reveal about your product or brand. Create excitement and an unforgettable experience for your next event with augmented reality.

Artificial Intelligence
Your attendees want to take in as much meaningful content as possible. If your meeting has hundreds of sessions, it can be challenging and time- consuming for your attendees to find the ones that will work best for them. But there is hope. We know how you can create unique experiences and help attendees find the most meaningful content.
We’re using artificial intelligence to help solve this problem. Attendees can answer questions about their interests before your event or when they arrive. Like Netflix, our app can suggest sessions and content based on the preferences of each user. As your attendees continue to like sessions, the app learns their preferences and provides better recommendations. Your attendees will enjoy the customized feel, and you’ll be able to keep interest piqued and engagement sustained throughout your event.

Don’t miss out on the hottest technology for your next event—improve your attendance and return on investment with a mobile event app from MeetingPlay. Request a demo to see how we are helping our clients achieve their goals with these emerging tech trends.